Human Cognome Project 2020
Different Way, Different We, Different Future, Different Earth.
4 X Brain Efficiency, 4 X Resource Efficiency, ¼ Resource Consumption, ¼ Carbon Emission.
1、What is the truth behind the fact that humankind is not doing 100% against climate crisis even today?  
 If only “harm big enough” so that the motivation to avoid harm can be 100%.
3.8billion years of evolution of life, any creature has only two motivations: advantages-seeking and disadvantages-avoidance: the motivation to avoid harm must be 100%,  if only“harm big enough".
2、Is it possible to avoid the ending of human civilization totally with all our ways to date? 
Impossible, because of the climate cliff . 
Impossible, because of the climate cliff . And “harm big enough” can only happen after the earth has fallen off the climate cliff, and by then, any all-out 100% action is too late.
3、Can we possibly mobilize 100% of all human power now? 
Yes, to let human mobilize another motivation totally : ”advantages-seeking". 
Yes, to let human  mobilize another motivation totally : ”advantages-seeking". 
If we can increase the brain efficiency that everyone will pursue to four times, the utilization rate of resources used can be increased to four times,the consumption of resources can be reduced to 1/ 4, and the carbon emissions generated by consuming resources can be reduced to 1/ 4. 
The latest brain HCP technology, which has just made a breakthrough, can be used to do so. 
If it covers the world, the world can reduce carbon by 73.9% that year.
4、Why is 2020 a key year  for humankind to overcome the crisis?
 The time of installing the brakes is racing against rushing off the cliff.
The time of installing the brakes is racing against rushing off the cliff.
HCP brain technology to  control temperature, used for braking,  laid all over the world when the earth has this temperature brake.  And the group of Facebook+Wechat which has the most possibility to success should start the HCP project immediately, if not in time, the probability of human success will drop from 67.45% in 2020 to 4.95% in 2021.
5、What shall we do now?
WEI is transferring this technology to  undifferentiated United Nations. 
You, together with the United Nations and the global internet portals, are joining the unprecedented  movement of  self-evolution and self-saving of all mankind.
 1. WEI is handing over technology to the United Nations: as this program concerns all mankind, it must be implemented as soon as possible by an international organization that can serve all mankind without difference, so we have decided to give up ownership of this technology and are transferring it to the United Nations. 
2. Global Mobilization, please pass on the message: please let the portals fully understand  this plan as soon as possible, the sooner the better: the 8 major internet portals, especially Facebook and Wechat, can save our children from suffering when they are old and allow human civilization to continue. 
They will surely help humans through difficult times. Remember: If you pass, one day earlier, the probability of success for all humans will increase by 0.17%.

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2020 is the right year for humankind to overcome the climate crisis with a completely different way! Yes, humankind has a different self-saving way to win a complete victory, Facing the climate crisis, whether or not our children will be completely saved and whether or not our human civilization will be completely saved, depends on this year 2020!
1. What is the truth behind the fact that humankind is not doing its best even today?
It is because all the ways of humankind to date do not understand the human instinct of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages that has evolved during the past 3.8 billion years. And if we understand this instinct and make use of it, then humankind will be able to do the best to overcome the crisis, and it will be possible to have a completely victory.
2. Is it possible to avoid the ending of human civilization totally with all our ways to date?
It may be difficult, the existing ways, which reduce carbon emission with direct-loss to human, either hobbies change unwillingly, such as going vegetarianism) or pay more money,such as changing cars by individuals or carbon taxes and carbon trading by countries), they are against the human nature,and are passive ways of human beings. They will not succeed as humankind will not do its best due to its nature. When humankind finds the danger is so huge that it decides to do it’s best, the situation has been irreversible already as we have fallen down the climate cliff.
Can you give your full support for something that causes direct loss to you? I can't, you can't, and no one can, because it's against the human nature derived from our evolution.
However, all the existing known programs of direct carbon emission reduction require the direct damage to the interests of the parties involved, in terms of hobbies (such as going vegetarianism) or money (such as changing cars by individuals or carbon taxes and carbon trading by countries). So it is impossible to mobilize all people and all countries to give their best. The only result: "if the IPCC report represents a global fire alarm, this report is the arson investigation," as was announced when the United Nations released the Emissions Gap Report 2018.
Human beings have always been aware of the harm of climate crisis, but their nature has prevented them from going all out, so the temperature of the Earth continues to rise.
Then, the temperature rises beyond an irreversible tipping point. As the Earth’s temperature rises beyond the less harmful but irreversible tipping point, we begin to fall irreversibly down the  climate cliff, which is bound to cause human extinction. From the perspective of science, humankind is just waiting for its doom some day later.
Then, it's too late to wake up after seeing the serious consequence. In the irreversible falling, humankind finally starts to find that the danger is so tremendous that they wake up to take active actions. But it is impossible to reverse the situation even if they do their best, and the Earth is accelerating into the abyss of the human extinction.
And then, there will be a mass extinction of children and human beings. The climate disaster will cause our children to die of riots, heat waves and the inevitable lack of food in their old age, leading to a mass extinction of humankind.

In the end, it's all too late! 
But this is just one of two paths, and we have another.
3.Can we possibly mobilize 100% of all human power now?
Yes. A different way combining direct benefit and indirect carbon emission reduction is an active way of human beings that goes in line with and reinforces human nature. A way can succeed only when human beings spare no efforts out of their nature.
“Direct benefit + Indirect carbon emission reduction" is a different way that can mobilize 100% of the power of human beings. What is the goal all humankind has been striving for with 100% efforts? Success, happiness, health and longevity! Human nature does not need motivation.
Then, let us help humankind quickly achieve success, happiness, health and longevity they may never have before, by remodeling their brain and greatly improving brain efficiency with the application of the latest HCP technology, a Human Cognome Project at the same level as HGP (Human Genome Project). The HCP application is an internet voice assistant with built-in brain technology. When people achieve the success, happiness, health and longevity, and at the same time  it will significantly reduce resource consumption and carbon emission.
The HCP application is a voice assistant with specific functions. It is easy to use. Through internet terminals such as cellphone, VR, headphones or intelligent speakers, users only need to talk to this virtual HCP assistant. Within decades of minutes, their brain efficiency can be measured and the cognitive level can be enhanced. In the past 10 years, especially in the late R & D tests, people in many countries and industries have achieved what they want never imagined before.
So how to reduce carbon emission and control earth’s temperature rise through HCP application?
First of all, we should recommend the application to as many internet users as possible through the Internet portal with the largest number of users.
Next, human beings will make use of the application in all efforts to get a better life. The 100% power of the instinct will drive human beings to use it fully, for a better life they have never experienced before.
Next, the use of the application will result in a reduction in resource consumption: a "side effect" of using this application is to largely increase the utilization rate of resources at the same time. A reduction of per capita resource consumption by 73.9% will be reached just in the first year.
Next, reduction of consumption will lead to reduction of carbon emission, and the temperature will no longer rise. Reduction of resource consumption will eventually lead to reduction of the excess carbon emissions in the production of excess materials. Thus the global carbon emission can be reduced by 73.9%. And with the further promotion of the Paris Agreement and the popularization of carbon free technologies, human carbon emission, the source of the Earth’s warming, can be reduced to zero completely, rapidly and safely at a low cost, and the Earth’s temperature will no longer rise.
And next, humankind will live happily and win a complete victory over the climate crisis. According to our data model, if the application covers 100% of the global Internet in 2025, which will stop the temperature rise, perhaps the best carbon removal technology at that time, can remove the carbon emitted to the atmosphere gradually. Then we will not only avoid falling down the climate cliff, but perhaps according to the model, after reaching the peak under 2 degrees, the temperature will drop slowly for the first time since the Industrial Revolution in 2137, and humankind, perhaps, will be able to get rid of this problem totally! 
Finally, perhaps, human beings will not have to worry about the climate crisis any more! Maybe this is a possibility for the children and the whole humankind. This is all we can do as this generation of parents. Let's try our best and leave no cause for regret.
As the research result of HCP application can enable all humankind to enjoy well-being, which is related to the evolution of all humankind, especially now, it is related to the survival of humankind under the climate crisis, so it should not belong to any individual institutions and organizations which can not serve all humankind.
Our World Enlightened Institute is transferring this technology to the undifferentiated United Nations, where all humankind can complete the cognitive evolution and self-saving enlightenment under the leadership of the undifferentiated United Nations.
4. Why is 2020 a key year for humankind to overcome the crisis?
Because time is needed for the only known workable proposal to be spread across the whole Internet; meanwhile the earth’s temperature is approaching an irreversible tipping point. So, the first step of uploading the application to the Internet portals must be completed within 2020.
In short, this project will use the existing global Internet to connect the existing 7.6 billion people to solve this problem from the source. However, with the Earth’s temperature approaching the tipping point, and given the time required to deploy this project, there is little time left for humankind!
According to the calculation from the multi-disciplinary model of the HCP Institute, the new  project will be completely effective on condition that the application cover more than 95% of the global Internet by the end of 2025.
You might say, “ wait, wait. now the network users now is. 4.5 billion, six years from now, there must be more than 5 billion users. There has never been an application in the history of Internet, that can achieve the popularization of 5 billion users in six years” yes, but with the full support of the world’s largest web portals. We've calculated. 
Among the four possible groups, the first Facebook+Tencent group will have a success probability of at least 67.45%, if HCP technology can be launched on these two portals on January 1st, 2020. (note: the calculation result of the model: If HCP can be launched at the first group of two portals: Facebook and Tencent on January 1st, 2020,six years later, this group will cover 5.795 billion network population on December 31st, 2025, accounting for 97.64% of the global internet users. Under this scenario, the data model shows a result of overcoming the climate crisis.)
You would say, then, why people would download this app? 
Firstly, for all the children and all the human beings, secondly, when people use it, their personal brain efficiency will be greatly improved. Brain efficiency can be increased to 361% and Well Being Index to 225% in a week or so, with the help of HCP technology. Because of physical and mental happiness and efficiency  brought by the HCP, the Life Expectancy and Health Care Index would also rise to 117%, and these indexes will continue to rise as the HCP technology are used every day. At the same time, in one year, the resource utilization rate can be increased by 79%, that is, the waste of resources can be reduced by 79%, therefore the carbon emission are reduced. Why not do it?
For more cases and data, please click here.
Why the internet portals would take effort to popularize the HCP technology?
Firstly, still, for all the children and all the human beings. Secondly, the internet portals which have the HCP application will eventually become the main entrance of the internet. Because the HCP technology understand everyone's stable and personalized demands from the brain neural network level, and can help people‘s cognition grow steadily through the remodeling of the physical plastic structure of neural networks. Who doesn't want to be better? So of course it will become everyone's intimate and intelligent companion(partner). Therefore, the internet portal to popularize the human self-saving plan is destined to become the portal that human instinct will choose, and thus will gradually become the main entrance of the internet in the future. Why not do it?
At this moment, please bear in mind this fact: Facing the climate crisis, whether or not the children will be completely saved and whether or not human civilization will be completely saved depends on this year 2020!
At this moment, I would also like to tell you, the chance of success of the final human’s self-saving project is decreasing at a rate of 5% per month and 0.17% per day.
At this moment, Facebook and Tencent, the Internet portals that can save the whole humankind, may not, temporarily, know this project! (this project is formally announced in December 2019, because of the progress of the scientific research) But we believe that once the internet portals know, they will naturally join the Buddhas project of human Enlightened and complete victory over crisis.
5. Time is the key. What shall we do now?
Facebook and Tencent must be informed of this project right now. Only when we finish the first step  of uploading the HCP application to their Internet portals in 2020, can it reach the whole world in time, so that human beings can win a complete victory! 
What shall we do as human beings? Building a community of shared future for humankind and global mobilization are indispensable for us!
Everyone should join in and implement it immediately for the sake of our children and all human beings! In particular, the top eight Internet portals of the East and West -- Facebook + Tencent, Google + Baidu, Apple + Huawei, and Amazon + Alibaba (especially Facebook and Tencent).
Let's give our children and all humankind a possibility. This is the best gift for our generation of parents to give our children. This is the obligation of our generation to human civilization. 
Since we have been chosen, let's together to become a memorable and proud generation among the tens of thousands of generations,blessed by human ancestors and revered by future generations. 
Let's work together, this will be the greatest cooperation of all humankind in the history of humankind, you, I and he, no one can be less! It will eventually appear in the museum of human memorial ten thousand years later, And as you and I all know, we will succeed after all.
More cases and data of people from many industries.
 Why crisis-avoidance climate strategies will lead to human extinction? 
 A completely new and workable plan must be lauched immediatly.
Christer Soderberg, CEO at Circle Carbon S.L.. Christer has worked with companies in six countries on four continents, including in Brazil where between 1998 and 2002 he started a subsidiary for a Swedish Multinational.During the UNFCCC COP25 meeting, he interviewed Dean Zhang of World Enlightened Institute. The following is the interview video: