Human Cognome Project 2020
Different Way , Different We , Different Future , For Kids and Earth.
4 times Brain Efficiency, 4 times Resource Efficiency , ¼ Carbon Emission , For Kids and Earth.
2020 is the right year for humankind to overcome the climate crisis with a completely different way! Yes, humankind has a different self-saving way to win a complete victory, Facing the climate crisis,whether or not our children will be completely saved and whether or not our human civilization will be completely saved, depends on this year 2020!
2020年,是人类可以用新方案全胜气候危机的一年!——人类有全新能全胜的自救方案!但成功机会正在流失! 气候危机面前,孩子们能否彻底获救,人类文明能否彻底获救,只在2020年! 
1. What is the truth behind the fact that humankind is not doing its best even today? It is because all the ways of humankind to date do not understand the human instinct of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages that has evolved during the past 3.8 billion years. And if we understand this instinct and make use of it, then humankind will be able to do the best  to overcome the crisis, and it will be possible to have a completely victory.
2. Is it possible to avoid the ending of human civilization totally with all our ways to date? It may be difficult , the existing ways, which reduce carbon emission with direct-loss to human, either hobbies change unwillingly , such as going vegetarianism)  or pay more money , such as changing cars by individuals or carbon taxes and carbon trading by countries), they are against the human nature, and are passive ways of human beings. They will not succeed as humankind will not do its best due to its nature. When humankind finds the danger is so huge that it decides to do it’s best, the situation has been irreversible already as we have fallen down the climate cliff.
3.Can we possibly mobilize 100% of all human power now? Yes. A different way combining direct benefit and indirect carbon emission reduction is an active way of human beings that goes in line with and reinforces human nature. A way can succeed only when human beings spare no efforts out of their nature.
“Direct benefit + indirect carbon emission reduction" is a different way that can mobilize 100% of the power of human beings” What is the goal all humankind has been striving for with 100% efforts? Success, happiness, health and longevity! Human nature does not need motivation.
The HCP application is a voice assistant  with specific functions. It is easy to use. Through internet terminals  such as cellphone, VR, headphones or intelligent speakers,  users  only need to talk to this virtual HCP assistant. Within decades of minutes, their brain efficiency can be measured  and the cognitive level can be enhanced. In the past 10 years,  especially in the late R & D tests  , people in countries and industries have achieved  what they want never imagined before.
So how to reduce carbon emission and control earth’s temperature rise through HCP application?
First of all, we should recommend the application  to as many internet users as possible through the Internet portal with the largest number of users.
Next, human beings will make use of the application in all efforts  to get a better life. The 100% power of the instinct will drive human beings to use it fully, for a better life they have never experienced before.
Next, the use of the application  will result in a reduction in resource consumption:  a "side effect" of using this application  is to largely increase the utilization rate of resources  at the same time. A reduction of per capita resource consumption  by 73.9% will be reached  just in the first year.
Next, reduction of consumption  will lead to reduction of carbon emission, and the temperature will no longer rise. Reduction of resource consumption  will eventually lead to  reduction of the excess carbon emissions  in the production of excess materials. Thus  the global carbon emission   can be reduced by 73.9%. And with the further promotion of the Paris Agreement and the popularization of carbon free technologies, human carbon emission, the source of the Earth’s warming, can be reduced to zero completely, rapidly and safely at a low cost, and the Earth’s temperature will no longer rise.
And next, humankind will  living happily and  win a complete victory  over the climate crisis. According to our data model, if the application covers 100%  of the global Internet in 2025, which will stop the temperature rise, perhaps the best carbon removal technology  at that time,   can remove the carbon   emitted to the atmosphere gradually. Then we will not only avoid falling down the climate cliff, but perhaps according to the model, after reaching the peak under 2 degrees, the temperature will drop slowly   for the first time since the Industrial Revolution in 2137,  and humankind, perhaps, will be able to get rid of this problem totally! 
Finally, perhaps, human beings will not have to worry about  the climate crisis any more! Maybe this is a possibility  for the children and the whole humankind. This is all we can do  as this generation of parents. Let's try our best  and leave no cause for regret.
As the research result of HCP application can enable all humankind to enjoy well-being, which is related to the evolution of all humankind, especially now, it is related to the survival of humankind  under the climate crisis, so it should not belong to any individual institutions and organizations   which can not serve all humankind. Our World Enlightened Institute is transferring this technology to the undifferentiated United Nations, where all humankind can complete the cognitive evolution   and self-saving enlightenment   under the leadership of the undifferentiated United Nations.
由于超脑AI这项研究成果,可以让全人类享受福祉,关系到全体人类的进化,尤其是现在,关系到气候危机下的人类存亡,所以,不该属于任何不能服务到全体人类的有差别的机构和组织。 我们开启世界研究院正在将这一技术转交给无差别的联合国,全人类可以在无差别的联合国的领导下,完成全人类的认知进化和觉醒自救。
4. Why is 2020 a key year  for humankind to overcome the crisis? Because time is needed  for the only known workable proposal   to be spread across the whole Internet; meanwhile the earth’s temperature  is approaching an irreversible tipping point. So, the first step of uploading the application to the Internet portals must be completed within 2020.
Among the four possible groups, the first Facebook+ Tencent group will have a success probability  of at least 67.45% , if HCP technology can be launched  on these two portals on January 1, 2020. (note: the calculation result of the model: If HCP can be launched at the first group of two portals: Facebook and Tencent on January 1, 2020,six years later, this group will cover 5.795 billion network population on December 31, 2025, accounting for 97.64% of the global internet users. Under this scenario, the data model shows a result of overcoming the climate crisis.)
You would say, then, why people would download this app? 
Firstly, for all the children and all the human beings, secondly, when people use it, their personal brain efficiency will be greatly improved. Brain efficiency can be increased to  361% and Well Being Index to  225%  in a week or so, with the help of HCP technology. Because of physical and mental happiness and efficiency  brought by the HCP, the Life Expectancy and Health Care Index  would also rise to 117%, and these indexes  will continue to rise  as the HCP technology are used every day. At the same time  , in one year  , the resource utilization rate  can be increased by 79%, that is ,the waste of resources   can be reduced by 79%  , therefore the carbon emission are reduced. Why not do it?
Why the internet portals  would take effort to  popularize the HCP technology?
Firstly, still, for all the children and all the human beings. Secondly, the internet portals which have the HCP application  will eventually become the main entrance      of the internet. Because the HCP technology  understand everyone's  stable and personalized demands  from the brain neural network level, and can help people‘s cognition grow steadily  through the remodeling of the physical plastic structure   of neural networks. Who doesn't want to be better? So of course  it will become everyone's intimate and intelligent companion(partner). Therefore, the internet portal to popularize the human self-saving plan  is destined to become the portal that human instinct will choose, and thus will gradually become the main entrance of the internet in the future. Why not do it?
At this moment, please bear in mind this fact: Facing the climate crisis, whether or not the children will be completely saved and whether or not human civilization will be completely saved depends on this year 2020!
At this moment, I would also like to tell you, the chance of success of the final human’s self-saving project is decreasing at a rate of 5% per month  and 0.17% per day.
At this moment, Facebook and Tencent, the Internet portals that can save the whole humankind, may not, temporarily, know this project! (this project is formally announced in December 2019,because of the progress of the scientific research) But we believe that once the internet portals know, they will naturally join the Buddhas project of human Enlightened and complete victory over crisis.
而此刻,能救助全人类的网络门户Facebook和腾讯WeChat,可能,暂时还不知道这一方案!(科研推进原因,本方案正式形成,公布面世在2019年12月) 但我们相信,只要对方一旦知道,自然会加入到人类觉醒、完胜危机这一乔达摩计划当中来。
5. Time is the key. What shall we do now? Facebook and Tencent  must be informed of this project right now. Only when we finish the first step  of uploading the HCP application   to their Internet portals in 2020, can it reach the whole world in time, so that human beings can win a complete victory! 
What shall we do as human beings? Building a community of shared future for humankind and global mobilization are indispensable for us!
Everyone should join in and implement it immediately for the sake of our children  and all human beings! In particular, the top eight Internet portals of the East and West -- Facebook + Tencent, Google + Baidu, Apple + Huawei, and Amazon + Alibaba (especially Facebook and Tencent)
Let's give our children and all humankind a possibility. 
This is the best gift for our generation of parents to give our children. 
This is the obligation of our generation to human civilization. 
Since we have been chosen , let's together to become a memorable and proud generation  among the tens of thousands of generations,blessed by human ancestors and   revered by future generations. 

Let's work together, this will be the greatest cooperation   of all humankind in the history of humankind, you ,I and he,no one can be less! It will eventually appear in the museum  of human memorial   ten thousand years later, And as you and I all know, we will succeed after all.

Due to time constraints, only part of this plan has been updated. More detailed and complete content will be updated in November and December 2019. 



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